ittec passe en 1.72 !

jeudi 20 février 2003 par Jade

Nouvelles améliorations pour ce "FinderPop" sous Mac OS X...

Le site en français n’est pas encore à jour, mais vous pouvez télécharger cette nouvelle version sur le site anglais...

La version française devrait se trouver à cette adresse-là...

Cette version corrige :

- The installer will always install to the root Library folder. To install to a custom location either manually extract the files from the installer or contact support.
- The installer now requires administrative (not root) access to install. This will only request a password when installing from a guest account.
- Ittec will now support using a symbolic link to the root of a volume as the current /Desktop folder. Support was previously limited to folders.
- Fixed a bug where aborting a send to action followed by opening a window path menu would retain the send to status.
- Holding down the option key while checking the ’Show name extensions’ preference will also enable or disable the UseLocalNames hidden preference.
- Fixed a bug where the system would sometimes falsely report that Ittec had ’unexpectedly quit’ when Load automatically at login is enabled.


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