iView Media Pro 2.0

mardi 9 septembre 2003 par Jade

iView Media Pro passe de la version 1.5.7 en version 2.0...

J’ai classé ce beau catalogueur d’image dans la rubrique "Sourire" car son prix passe à 160 $ !!!
si, si -cent-soixante $- :-((

Si vous voulez l’essayer pendant 21 jours, téléchargez-le là bas...

Quoi de neuf ?

Tailored for photographers, broadcast journalists, graphic designers, and other media professionals, iView MediaPro 2.0 extends its robust, award-winning functionality with enhanced workflows, file system control and powerful image editing tools. Version 2.0 increases capacity to 128,000 media items per catalog, while maintaining its unparalleled speed, feature set, elegance and ease of use.

Along with the release of MediaPro 2.0, we are introducing iView Catalog Reader, a royalty-free, cross-platform software that permits unrestricted sharing of iView catalogs and slide shows. With Catalog Reader, customers can create and share catalogs with clients, colleagues, friends and families who do not own an iView program.

- Information Management Drag-and-drop organizer for instant searching, annotating and classifying across large volumes of media files.
- File & Folder Management Direct control over file system, including automatic synchronization and folder watching.
- Performance Improvements Increased capacity to 128,000 items per catalog and reduced catalog size.
- Enhanced Color Profile Management Automatic use of ColorSync profiles in all workflows and improved batch embedding of color profiles with live previews.
- PDF MakerCreate customized high-resolution PDF files of any size and layout using the media in a catalog.
- Enhanced Image Editing Improved cropping, red-eye removal, precision rotation, and one-click enhancements based on Minolta Image Enhancing Technologies.
- Advanced Slide Shows Complete customization, including global and individual timings, grids and transitions ; enhanced slide show audio playback.
- Improved Movie Creation Ability to save a Slide Show as a cross-platform QuickTime movie, with sounds, embedded movies and any media type supported by QuickTime.
- HTML ExportImproved web generation including "theme" based professional and customizable HTML templates.
- Other Features Long file name support ; improved layout management ; new playlist feature.


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