samedi 18 janvier 2003 par Jade

v0.0.6b Jan 15, 2003

- Added display of start & end encoding time and date.
- Added "VIEW" tool, to playback divx or mpeg-1/2 files. Uses mplayer core for playback. No more doctoring of DivX movies to fix the audio during playback. Set video file location, select "view" and click "GO !". Then toggle full-screen with Apple-F, pause with SPACE, arrows to forward-rewind, and stop with RETURN.
- Added "Preview" button next to the "Save as.." destination name field. Use it to preview the output of ffmpegX while it is still encoding. Note in case of mpeg encoding only the video stream is played (no audio).
- Added "JOIN" tool to join two mpeg-1 or mpeg-2 files into one. Use the two fields to select path to the two files to join. Select "join" and click "GO !". The joined file will have a ".joined.mpg" extension.
- Some bugfixes from 0.0.6.

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