jeudi 12 juin 2003 par michelp

Avant la version en français (bientôt !) major propose une version 0.07b de ffmpegX.

La nouveauté principale ?

l’encodage en 3 passes pour déterminer automatiquement le bitrate vidéo.

Le read-me complet :

Added "3-pass encoding" option for mencoder mpeg-4 (in the Options tab), leading to better control of the encoded movie final size.

The 1st pass will encode audio and calculate the video bitrate (1st pass duration is about 1h30 on a G4 for an average movie).

You will be then prompted for choosing a video bitrate amongst proposed options to fit in one or two CDs.

2nd pass and 3rd pass will encode the video.

Note that only MP3 audio is supported for 3-pass.

The suggested bitrates appear either in red, green or black color, which mean :
- red=this bitrate is too low for the selected image size, if you choose it you’ll be compressing your movie too much and the quality will not be acceptable with the current image size (consider choosing another bitrate, or use a smaller size) ;
- green=this bitrate is quite good, if you choose it you’ll obtain good quality for the current image size ;
- black=this bitrate is too high, if you choose it you will not improve quality comparing to "green" values and you’ll be wasting space on your disks (consider choosing another bitrate, or use a larger image size, though not larger than the source image size).

- Fixed "pel_aspect_ratio" error with .avi to mpeg-1 NTSC, and other bugfixes.
- Added better error handling and error alerts for some features.


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