ffmpegX 0.0.4h

jeudi 26 décembre 2002 par Jade

Une nouvelle version de l’encodeur ffmpegX est à tester et à télécharger

Quoi de neuf ?

- Updated to ffmpeg CVS of Dec 26, 2002.
- Fixed bug of stuttering video when decoding VOB to DivX or to fast-mpeg1.
- Added luminance contrast and saturation (chrominance contrast) controls for VCD and SVCD encoding (note : denoise must also be checked). Allowed values are from 0 to 255.
- VCD and SVCD encoding have now a new deinterlace method available (check both "deinterlace" and "denoise" to enable it), it leads to much better results with DV video.
- Denoise filter is now forced to pass II mode only (faster, but intended for low noise material).
- The "Mux as.." tool now also accept audio input in WAV, AC3, mp3 or other formats (and will convert them to MP2). Tip : you can now use the Apple MPEG-2 encoder and quickly make a SVCD in one click. Use Quicktime player pro to export your video as MPEG-2 (bitrate 2.5 Mbps), then export separately the audio as WAV file. Open resulting audio and video files in the "Mux as.." tool and enable "Postprocess". Set "Split" as needed and "Author" as SVCD. Finally click "Go !" and you’ll obtain your SVCD disk images. Note : this is not really a SVCD as it uses a non standard image size, so not all DVD players will play it.
- When using the bitrate calculator to calculate a new bitrate for SVCD or VCD, profile is automatically set to XSVCD or XVCD.
- Added DVD 4GB media in the bitrate calculator.


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