WeatherPop 1.6.4

mardi 24 décembre 2002 par Jade

Mise à jour du freeware WeatherPop en version 1.6.4. (La météo dans votre barre de menu)

What’s new in this version :

WeatherPop 1.6.4 includes several new features requested by our users.

We now support a "feels like" temperature which, using temperature, wind speed and humidity, approximates what its like to be outside in the blustery cold or the sizzling sun.

WeatherPop also now includes automatic menu extra support in 10.2 when Unsanity’s Menu Extra Enabler is installed.

WeatherPop 1.6.4 also fixes several bugs with previous versions.

A major thread safety bug was fixed in 1.6.3 which could result in corrupted forecasts for users with favorite cities.

WeatherPop also now has improved forecast parsing for users who were experiencing missing forecasts.

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