Vous aimez aller vite....

mardi 18 mars 2008 par Jade

SAFARI sort en version 3.1 et, paraît-il, bat tous les records de vitesse de navigation !

Entre autres, la pub qui n’est pas encore traduite donne ces précisions :

Why you’ll love Safari

- Blazing Performance
Safari is the fastest web browser on any platform.

- Elegant User Interface
Safari’s clean look lets you focus on the Web — not your browser.

- Easy Bookmarks
Organise your bookmarks just like you organise music in iTunes.

- Pop-up Blocking
Say goodbye to annoying pop-up ads and pop-under windows.

- Inline Find
Search any text on any Web site with the integrated Find banner.

- Tabbed Browsing
Open and switch between multiple web pages in a single window.

- SnapBack
Instantly snap back to search results or the top level of a Web site.

- Forms AutoFill
Let Safari complete online forms for you, automatically and securely.

- Built-in RSS
RSS tells you when new content is added to your favourite sites.

- Resizable Text Fields
Resize text fields on any Web site : Just grab the corner and drag.

- Private Browsing
Keep your online activities private with a single click.

- Security
Apple engineers designed Safari to be secure from day one.


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