VLC media player - 0.5.1a (màj)

lundi 17 février 2003 par Jade

What’s new in this version :

Core support : audio volume can now be changed at any time, even when no file is playing

Input access : various minor fixes on the network inputs, fixed some weird URL parsing problems (/Volumes/toto:tata/harry@coin.mpg),

VCD : fixed track number and chapter indexing

Input demux : fixed a bad initialization in the mp4 plug-in, new —buggy-psi option for TS streams which do not update their continuity counter

Codecs : support for MPEG-2 intra slice refresh (aka. Slice-I) streams

DVD support : fixed a bug which turned the default interface command-line only without the user consent

Mac OS X port : fixed a crash on start-up on some localized systems, lowered real-time priorities to avoid lock-ups on slow machines, VLC can now be made the handler of ftp http mms and udp URLs, playlist enhancements, added half, normal and double video window menu items, new step forward/step backward commands, the dock should no longer be visible in fullscreen mode, the Mac OS X binary is now compiled with Ogg/Theora support, vlc.app is now VLC.app

Please note that this release doesn’t solve the audio problems experienced by some users.

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