VLC 0.6.2

dimanche 7 septembre 2003 par Jade

VLC 0.6.2 est a télécharger, depuis le 15 août...

Quoi de neuf ?

Changes between 0.6.1 and 0.6.2 :

Core support :
- Fixed a nasty regression in 0.6.1 which made some streams unplayable.

Stream output :
- Transcoder now generates proper pts/dts thus should work a lot better.
- Improved MPEG TS muxer.

Access input :
- Support for DVB-S/C/T cards using v4l2 API for Linux 2.6.x kernels.
- Few fixes to the VCD navigation.

Interfaces :
- Support for DVD menus navigation added to the wxWindows interface.

UNIX ports :
- ALSA multi-channel support fixed and tested.
- Fixed fullscreen with gnome metacity.

Win32 port :
- Fixed VCD support which was broken on some machines.

iPaq port :
- Familiar interface with Gtk+-1.2 and GPE support removed (deprecreated).

Miscellaneous :
- Text subtitles now centered on the picture.
- Ffmpeg decoder now generates proper pts and can be used to play mpeg1/2 videos.


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