Speed Download 2.3.6

dimanche 12 septembre 2004 par Stephane Carre

Yazsoft, en attendant de nous sortir la version 3 de Speed Download continue toujours à développer la version actuelle.

Cette nouvelle version corrige des bogues et apporte quelques nouvelles fonctionnalités.

En particulier, une meilleure intégration dans Safari via un menu contextuel.

Désormais, vous pouvez lancer un téléchargement en choisissant "Télécharger avec Speed Download" dans le menu contextuel de Safari. Dans cette nouvelle version, Speed Download supporte totalement désormais les fichiers de type DMG. Voici la liste des correctifs et des nouvelles fonctions :

- New : SD code moved to Apple Xcode.
- New : Updated and optimized Speed Download for Mac OS X 10.3.5.
- New : Much better integration with Apple Safari.
- New : Completely fixed the .DMS issue some users were having.
- New : Full support for ALL .DMG files ; there shouldn’t be any more missed ones.
- New : Full contextual menu support in Safari ; you may choose to use SD manually if you like, by choosing ’Download with Speed Download’ from the contextual menu.
- New : Improved downloading of queued items.
- New : KRM (Kagi Registration Module) support ; SD is now automatically registered when you purchase a license ; No need to manually copy/paste registration info into SD.
SD is perfectly compatible with server’s using Kagi’s KDDS system as well as other servers not supporting multiple connections.
- New : Updated and optimized the Speed Download plugin to support more file extensions and fixed some MIME type issue.
- Fixed problem with links which had ../ in their path (for the add files from url).
- Fixed memory leaks in the ’Add files from url’ feature.
- Fixed : Get image links could default to true even if it was set to false.
- Links extractor now ignores the part of the url after the anchor (#).
- Fixed icon badge getting redrawn to often (noticeable if you delete or add a large number of items from the queue, and if the status of those items meant that one of the displays on the dock icon changes).
- Sensitive servers now saved properly when added via right click.
- Fixed a crashing bug some people were experiencing.
- Fixed possible crash in plugin installation/update code.
- Fixed the problem with the Chinese translation.
- Fixed typo in German translation.

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