Speed Download 2.3.3 [MàJ]

lundi 22 mars 2004 par Stephane Carre

Si Yazsoft se consacre essentiellement au développement du futur Speed Download 3.0, il n’en continue pas moins à mettre à jour la version existante. voici ce qu’en dit le read me :

Yazsoft announces the release of an important update to their flagship utility Speed Download 2, version 2.3.3. This is a very important update and is highly recommended because it reflects directly on the decision to strip SD completely of MacShareware.net and to focus solely on continuously perfecting the download manager, as per users’ requests.

What’s new in SD 2.3.3 :

- [New] : Updated and optimized the Speed Download plugin for more compatibility.
- [New] : Removed the MacShareware feature set ; SD is optimized for all software sites.
- [New] : SD now handles downloading of huge files (over 1GB in size).
- [New] : Added Dutch localization.

- [Enhancement] : Updated and tweaked the floater.
- [Enhancement] : Floater is now on by default for using SD manually.
- [Enhancement] : Many tweaks to the localized versions of SD.
- [Enhancement] : Quite a few internal tweaks.

Enriched with a totally redesigned Mac OS X interface and features that take advantage of leading edge Macintosh technology, Speed Download 2 is :

The fastest, most complete download manager for Mac OS X no matter what browser you use.

Never before has a download manager been so fast, powerful, and beautifully in sync with Macintosh technology.

Speed Download 2 ensures that you always get the fastest download speed from your internet connection every single time you download a file and no matter what browser you use, and that you never miss another software update again.

Comme toujours, cette version est téléchargeable chez Yazsoft ou bien sur notre page Logiciels

Regrettons que l’icône de la barre de menu ait disparu. Cette fonctionnalité était pourtant bien pratique. Espérons qu’elle revienne dans la version 3 de Speed Download. Pour ceux qui ne pourraient s’en passer, abstenez vous de faire la mise à jour...


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