Speed Download 2.3.1

mardi 17 février 2004 par Stephane Carre

Nouvelle version de Speed Download qui corrige des bogues.

Voila ce qu’en dit le read me :

SD 2.3.1 is optimized and tweaked for all the changes in Safari 1.2.

[Fixed] : The Macshareware search window now displays perfectly under 10.2.8. The scrolling and refresh glitch has been fixed.

[Fixed] : A bug that could cause a crash when adding file extensions has been eliminated.

[Fixed] : Many tweaks to the localized version of Speed Download 2 ; they all display perfectly now.

[Enhancement] : It is possible to download all links from a page which have an extension by specifying * in the list of extensions to match.

[Enhancement] : Small update to the ms bit to cope with items with missing data.

Comme toujours, vous pouvez télécharger cette nouvelle version sur le site de Yazsoft.

Voir en ligne : http://www.yazsoft.com

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