Speed Download 2.2

jeudi 8 janvier 2004 par Stephane Carre

Finalement ce n’est pas une version 2.1.3 dont nous gratifie Yazsoft, mais une version 2.2.

Bien sur comme à l’accoutumée corrections de bogues mais aussi apport de nombreuses nouveautés, en voici une liste expurgée :

- Performance : Updated and optimized for changes in Panther 10.3.2. This version has many, many internal tweaks for better performance on both Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server.
- New Feature : Completely redesigned software tracking window. Easily check daily software updates, monitor your favorite applications, update your ’Watch List’, and search for any application from one convenient window.
- New Feature : One click access to ’More information’ for all your favorite software. Read other users’ reviews, give your rating on the application, etc.
- New Feature : One click access to download any file from macshareware.net directly from within SD2.
- New Feature : ’My Watch List’. Easily keep track of all your favorite Macintosh applications. SD2 will immediately notify you when a new version of your application has been released. This is the easiest, fastest, and most affordable way to ensure that your favorite software is always up to date.
- New Feature : Auto update ’My Watch List’ section’. SD2 can automatically check for updates for your favorite titles at user settable intervals.
- New Feature : ’Watch List’ visual feedback. Added visual feedback to the dock icon when an item in your ’Watch List’ is updated (i.e. a new version released). The ’Watch List’ icon in the main window will also turn red when items in there have an update available. You may choose to download that file with one click quickly and easily directly within SD2.
- New Feature : Auto-queue. Double clicking on any application entry from any section of the macshareware.net feature set, will conveniently send the file to your SD2 queue for downloading.
- New Feature : Submit a new file to the macshareware.net database quickly and easily from within SD2. If you initially cannot find an application on the macshareware.net database, you may quickly add it. Once an application is added to the database, all subsequent searches for it will always find the latest version for it, and hence, ensure that you are up to date.
- New Feature : ’Add files from a URL’. You can now download any type of data from a web page. By specifying extensions you an easily download images, movies, MP3s, and more. This new feature is available from the Queue menu or by right-clicking on ’My Downloads’.
- New Feature : SSL Trust Certificate support. When connecting to a https server with a self signed certificate, it is now possible to say that one wishes to trust that server in the future (and thus bypass the message warning about a site with an unknown certificate issuer).
- Enhancement : Drag and drop functionality. Drag and drop throughout the entire SD2 application for maximum convenience and efficiency.
- Enhancement : Search field now affects each section you are on independently.
- Enhancement : SD2 can download files greater than 2GB in size.
- Enhancement : Double-clicking anywhere in SD2 will add the file(s) to the queue. Control-clicking and selecting ’Start download’ will download the file(s) immediately.
- Enhancement : SD2 updated to work with sites that use root certificates.
- Enhancement : Improved the way the bandwidth throttle toolbar icon works.
- Enhancement : Completely remapped the ’+’ and ’Clear’ buttons in the main window. These buttons now correspond to the section you are on rather than always opening the ’Add download’ window. For instance, if you’re in the ’Filters’ section, pressing the ’+’ button will open the window that allows you to manager your filters.
- Enhancement : Much better queue handling mechanism. When an item is dragged to another position in the queue, SD2 will now INSERT (rather than REPLACE) the item in that other position and remove it from its original position. The position of other items in the queue are no longer affected.
- Enhancement : Tweaked the way SD2 handles file extensions added to the Plugin preferences.
- Enhancement : Add ’Clear Cancelled’ to the ’My Downloads’ contextual menu as well as the ’Edit’ menu.
- Enhancement : SD2 fully supports MacPad technology.
- Enhancement : Added Finnish localization.
- Enhancement : Tweaked and re-organized many elements of the interface and preferences.
- Fixes : Fixed bug that would cause SD2 to crash on startup.
- Fixes : Fixed various interface glitches in the German version.
- Tweaks : Tons ! Too many to list.

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