Nouvel iTrip chez Griffin

vendredi 2 septembre 2005 par Stephane Carre

Journée calme sur le front des accessoires iPod. Seul Griffin s’est manifesté en annoncant le nouvel iTrip. L’une des nouvelles fonctionnalités est le choix du type de diffusion LX ou DX. Ne me demandez pas ce que signifie ces initiales, je suis bien incapable de vous répondre.

Selon Griffin, cette fonctionnalité permet d’écouter votre iPod sur votre autoradio dans de bien meilleurs conditions. Il est vrai que sur Paris ou les grandes villes, la bande FM est plus qu’encombré.

Seconde nouveauté : la possibilité pour les grands voyageurs de choisir entre international et US pour la bande FM. Pour ceux qui désirent en savoir plus, lisez le communiqué de presse ci-dessous et si vous désirez en savoir sur iTrip, c’est par ici.


The new iTrip retains the same phenomenal industrial design as its predecessor, visually and functionally complementing the iPod. Keeping true to Griffin’s essential philosophy of balance of design and ease of use, the new iTrip builds upon this foundation, with several enhancements, superior performance and innovative features never seen before on FM transmitters.

The new iTrip sports a large, easy to read backlit LCD screen to make setting its digital tuner easy and intuitive. A handy knob on the side of the iTrip makes it a breeze to select broadcast frequency : simply turn to the frequency and click the knob to set it. The iTrip remembers its settings for convenience. This compact, self-contained design makes changing stations a snap, perfect for use in autos.

One of iTrip’s innovative new features is selectable LX or DX modes of broadcasting (an FM transmitter first). This allows the user to adjust for the absolute best possible audio under real-world conditions. Even in the toughest situations, such as large cities with lots of radio stations crowding the dial, iTrip’s DX Mode delivers a noise level that’s below that of a cassette tape adapter, allowing the music to punch through cleanly. The results are stunning.

Another new feature (and another FM transmitter first) is the ability to set the iTrip to either US or International tuning modes. International mode allows access to all available frequencies throughout the world. US mode limits tuning to those frequencies relevant to US stations. The result : no unnecessary scrolling through channels.

The new iTrip features volume enhancements as well, with an auto volume control that works with the iPod’s volume level to automatically avoid distortion. If the iPod volume is set too high, iTrip recognizes and corrects it by lowering the volume to its optimum level, assuring clean, clear, dynamic sound.

The iTrip requires no batteries to operate, it draws its power directly from the iPod, so there’s never a power issue to silence your tunes.
Technical Specifications
- Dimensions : 2.45" x 1.43" x 0.9" (62.5mm x 36.5mm x 22mm)
- Weight : 0.6 oz
- Built-in antenna
- Power requirement : through the iPod connection (no batteries or adapters)
- Modulation : FM Stereo
- Frequencies : 88.1-107.9MHz
- High stability crystal oscillator, phase-lock loop control
- Frequency response : 50Hz to 15KHz
- Operating range : 10-30 ft

Made For
- iPod Photo
- iPod U2 Special Edition
- 4th Generation iPod with Click Wheel
- 3rd Generation iPod with touch wheel and buttons


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