Mise à jour de Parallels 3 - (Build 4560)

mercredi 18 juillet 2007 par Jade

Nouvelle mise à jour de Parallels 3 - (Build 4560)

Quelques améliorations et une longue liste de bugs corrigés :
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What’s New in Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac (Build 4560)

Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac includes the following new features and feature improvements :

Coherence 2.0
- Run your Windows and Mac OS X applications in single integrated environment

Image Tool
- Add capacity to your virtual disk image

- Open your files in Mac OS X or Windows with any available Mac OS X or Windows application
- Shared Applications and SmartSelect options in Configuration Editor were redesigned : you can now enable/disable all options
- Shared Applications and SmartSelect options in the Applications menu were redesigned : you can now access Windows Start menu and the list of recently opened Windows applications, as well as configure SmartSelect without starting a particular Windows application.

Bugfixes and improvements in Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac (Build 4560)

The most important fixes and improvements include :
- SmartSelect and Shared Applications
- Some correct file associations in Mac (like .doc association with Microsoft® Office Word for Mac) reset and switch to Parallels Desktop - fixed
- Errors when opening certain file types in Mac (like .msg files from Microsift Office Outlook 2007) - fixed
- Detection of the file types that don’t have associations in Mac - improved
- SmartSelect and Shared Applications configuration options added
- SmartSelect now correctly recognizes default web browser in Mac

Video and 3D
- No textures in some games (like Max Payne™) - fixed
- Some games crash on nVidia® video cards - fixed
- VM cannot suspend after iTunes® upgrade to 7.3 due to incorrect DirectX® detection - fixed
- Pixel size calculation - improved : graphics are displayed correctly in Microsoft Access™

Performance of some CAD/CAM applications (including SolidWorks®) - improved
- Multi-threaded CAD/CAM applications now show workspace correctly. The list of applications includes, but not limited to, AutoCAD®, 3D Studio MAX®, CATIA V5, PowerSHAPE, Zemax®, Pro/ENGINEER® and many others
- Vertical Sync enabled (this will result in benchmarks performance cut-off at 60 FPS, but will provide less resources usage and less artifacts when resizing screen)

Boot Camp
- Detection of the operating system installed in Boot Camp - improved
- Vista reinstalls ACPI PC on each restart - fixed

- Delete with children (recursive delete) option added
- Possible corruption of the .xml file included in the bundle .hdd during reversion to snapshot - fixed

Parallels Explorer
- Many segmentation fault cases were fixed
- Correct handling of non-NTFS file systems added
- Many look and feel improvements

Other fixes
- Having USB device in configuration significantly (by 30%) increases Parallels Desktop CPU usage for Vista guest OS - fixed
- Mouse gets automatically ungrabbed if Vista had been put into sleep mode from inside the virtual machine
- Correct tools for eComStation™ 1.2 included
- Windows® 98 restart hangs - fixed
- Parallels Tools installation changes default printer in Windows - fixed
- Compatibility with Microsoft® LiveMeeting - fixed
- Mouse issues with Flex/Flash drag-n-drop - fixed
- Shared folders : Changing file extension affects the dates in the file info - fixed
- Shared folders : Cannot use mkdir a\b\c in the mapped Parallels Shared Folder disk - fixed
- Shared folders : Cannot open file with brackets in the filename from a shared folder - fixed
- Compatibility with MacFUSE 0.4 - fixed
- Animation transitions between view modes (Full Screen, Guest OS Window, Coherence) improved for better look and feel
- Parallels Tools for Linux : time synchronization tool added
- Virtual machine sometimes crashes when working with hard disks connected to IDE 1:0 and IDE 1:1 channels - fixed
- Bugreports are now sent via default Mac mail client
- In rare cases Mac OS hangs for some time after sleep if Parallels Desktop is running - fixed
- Image Tool added - now it is possible to increase virtual HDD capacity

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