Mise à Jour Parallels Desktop - 3.0 Build 5060.0 beta

jeudi 2 août 2007 par Jade

Nouvelle mise à jour de Parallels 3.0 - (Build 5060.0), 82,5 mégas à télécharger, une bagatelle de nos jours !

Quelques améliorations et sans aucun doute quelques bugs corrigés :
Téléchargeable sur leur site (la mise à jour par le menu ne fonctionne pas chez moi)...

What’s New in Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac Beta (Build

Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac includes the following new features and feature improvements :

- Coherence 3.0 - Run your Windows and Mac OS X applications in single integrated environment

- Each Windows application window opens as a separate Mac window
- Correct Z-order support for all windows
- Expose support
- Mac-style drop shadow support (foreground window has deeper shadow)
- Transparent windows support
- Silent boot in Coherence mode when clicking on virtual machine alias

Multi-user support - Share your virtual machines with other Mac OS X users

Empty Windows Recycle Bin - Empty Windows recylcle bin directly from the Application menu

Show Windows Desktop - Show Windows desktop in Coherence mode directly from the Application menu

- Accidental segmentation faults during reverting to old snapshots
- Some snapshots can’t be deleted

• Video and 3D

- Bad performance in several applications
- No textures in several games

• Coherence

- Glitches in Expose
- Low picture quality in different applications
- Minimize applications to Dock is not supported yet

• Parallels Transporter

- Only GRUB 0.97 supports during applying hardware changing
- Applies hardware changes to only Linux which uses initrd

• Parallels Explorer

- Segfault occurs when the file(s) is Drag-and-Droped to Columns view space
- There are no changes in View when the folder with virtual disk or virtual machine was replaced
- If .pvs/.vmdk file was replaced on Macintosh HD it disappeares in Parallels
Explorer View.
- Sometimes Parallels Explorer View may be empty
- Segmentation fault when open multiple Parallels Explorer windows

• Parallels Image Tool

- Documentation is not refreshed
- Problem with converting old image format with installed guest tools to new one : BSOD occurs in Resulting Windows Virtual machine
- After converting your HDD may become corrupted
- Merge snapshots works not always


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