Mise à Jour Parallels Desktop - 3.0 Build 5120

samedi 25 août 2007 par Jade

Nouvelle mise à jour de Parallels 3.0 - (Build 5120), 87 mégas à télécharger.

Quelques améliorations notables :
- minimise correctement la fenêtre Windows sur le Dock,
- partage automatique des documents du Bureau, des dossiers Documents, Musique et Images,
- meilleure gestion de la mémoire...

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What’s New in Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac Beta (Build 5120)

Improvements :

Coherence 3.0

- Minimize windows to Mac Dock support
- Coherence performance improvement

Virtualization Engine
- General virtual machine performance optimization
- Significant CPU usage improvement
- Memory management improvement : support for more than 4GB of RAM for multiple virtual machines
- Maximum memory size available for a virtual machine increased from 1.5GB to 2GB

Shared User Profile
- Use your Mac Desktop and Documents/Pictures/Music folders as
Desktop and My Documents/My Pictures/My Music in Windows

- NOTE : Parallels Desktop doesn’t automatically synchronize your Windows profile folders to
Mac folders during initial Shared Profile assignment. To access your previous Windows desktop
you can use folders “C :\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop\” and “C :\Documents and
Settings\Desktop\”. To access other previous folders you can use folder
“C :\Documents and Settings’s Documents\”.

Map Shared Folders to Windows drives letters - Automatically map and access your
Shared Folders using Windows drive letters

Parallels Mounter
- Double-click Parallels virtual disks and mount them to Mac
Desktop to access Windows files and folders using Finder (even if the virtual machine is
not running)

Change Sound Device on the fly -
Change input and output sound devices connected to virtual machine on the fly via menu or status bar icon

Keyboard passthrough support when assistive devices are on - Keyboard passthrough mode when assistive devices support is enabled in Universal Access preferences

Bugfixes and improvements in Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac Beta (Build 5120)

The most important fixes and improvements include :

Primary OS support
- Leopard (only build 9a499) may become unusable after installing Parallels
Desktop - fixed

Stability and resources usage
- Kernel Panics on Mac Mini when VT-x is disabled - fixed
- Memory allocation errors - fixed
- Running 3D applications may freeze iMac with ATI Radeon 2600 graphic card fixed
- Fatal error E064.07.010 on virtual machine startup - fixed
- Memory leak in llipd - fixed

- Transparent windows display incorrectly - fixed
- Incorrect Z-order - fixed
- Windows moving speed - improved
- Double-clicking the Windows application icon in Dock doesn’t bring its window to foreground - fixed
- Issues during windows moving - fixed
- Tooltips slowness - fixed
- Cascade and Tile Windows work with artifacts and windows falls - fixed

Parallels Tools Center
- CPU usage - optimized
- Parallels Tools Center in Windows 95 can’t be started due to a missing symbol - fixed

Applications sharing and SmartSelect
- Incorrect Shared Web Applications state after build upgrade - fixed
- Can’t edit SmartSelect options for paused virtual machine - fixed
- Other SmartSelect improvements

Video and 3D
- OpenGL performance - improved
- Parallels Desktop window resizing issues - fixed
- Java applications don’t work in VM - fixed
- Many DirectX and OpenGL fixes

- Check for available free disk space on Mac for snapshots reverting/deleting -

Parallels Image Tool
- Problem with converting old virtual disk image file format to new (BSOD on
prlfs.sys in Vista) - fixed

Parallels Explorer&Mounter
- Drag-and-drop issues due to some Unicode problems - fixed
- Other fixes

Parallels Compressor
- Compressor doesn’t execute compacting stage - fixed


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