MPlayer 2 beta 4

jeudi 8 mai 2003 par Stephane Carre

Dans cette nouvelle version, les développeurs se sont surtout attachés à optimiser le code pour les configurations légères type G3.

Voici ce qu’en dit le read me :

MPlayer OS X 2 beta 4

Fixed :
- playlist dragging problem, when different items were dragged than those that were displayed
- problem while dropping items on icon cause hang of the GUI
- additional parameters box
- problem when dropping files on player while movie playback is in progress
- problem when files with extension in uppercase cannot be loaded in to the playlist
- removed floating window attribute of minimized window

New :
- playlist table accepts all filetypes regardless of file extension
- few optimizations that can help on slower machines

Problems :
- If the movie is out of sync even if you include "-autosync 30" parameter in additional parameters then the player probably doesn’t have enough enough resources to run fast as it needs. Try to to minimize playlist window using the green button in window bar if it helps. Try to quit all applications (even those that are idle). You can open Terminal and type "top" to check how much idle resources are available when mplayer is not playing and how much resources it uses when playback is running. Report it all on project pages (see Reporting a Bug) to let us know if another optimization will be needed.

Pour télécharger cette mise à jour : MPlayer2_beta4


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