MPlayer 2 béta 3 (MAJ)

samedi 19 avril 2003 par Thiery

Décidément, les développeurs ne choment pas. Déjà une nouvelle mouture.

Je vous laisse découvrir les nouveautés.

Changes :
- Last binary included (thanks to Devros).
- I finalize the scrubbing bar so one can easily seek through the movie. It works even in movies that does not report length but for MPEGs that report incorrect length it works bit oddly.
- There is two TrueType fonts included (thanks Devros for making CE localization of them).
- I also corrected code for playlist drags.
- Some optimization has been done too.
- Additional parameters box has a history of 10 last used parameters.
- Basic controls has been put in to the dock menu too.


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