La pince a linge high tech

samedi 2 avril 2005 par Stephane Carre

Griffin continue a nous étonner. Voici leur dernier produit destiné a l’iPod Shuffle. En voici le communiqué de presse :

NASHVILLE, TN Friday, April 1, 2005. Griffin Technology Inc., innovator of exciting accessories for Mac, PC and iPod, today announces iTack, the world’s first USB haberdashery and homemaking accessory.

The Griffin iTack quickly and painlessly converts your iPod Shuffle into a hi-tech fashion statement, as useful as it is elegant, as well as a high-tech housewares accessory.

"In just a few short days, every necktie being worn around the Griffin compound is adorned with iPod Shuffles," said Paul Griffin, President of Griffin Technology. "I’ve even seen a few of our engineers wearing them on their ears."

iTack installation is quick and easy, with illustrated instructions and all necessary tools included. The kit comes with all the hardware necessary to turn your Shuffle into :

- A belt/pocket clip sure to make your pocket protector look like last week’s news
- Universal tie clip in the time-honored Tennessee style
- CD-quality audio sound reproduction at the same time you dry your clothes.

In a trice, your Shuffle becomes a three-way clothing accessory that you won’t want to be without.

Pricing & Availability
Price for iTack has been set at $56.24 USD, to begin shipping on the first day of April, 2005. Find out more at Griffin’s website .

Et oui, ce produit est disponible immédiatement. Vous avez bien regardé la date du communiqué de presse. Certains fabricants savent ne pas se prendre au sérieux...

Ce qui est bien rare dans ce monde plus préoccupé par toujours généré plus de profit. Au moins Griffin sait ne pas se prendre au sérieux une fois par an.

pince à linge High tech


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