Ittec 2.3 est dispo

mardi 18 mai 2004 par Jade

Ittec 2.3 est dispo, mais la page française n’est pas encore à jour :-(

En résumé, c’est le Pop Finder de Mac Os X...

What’s New :
- Fixed a bug with Ittec’s menu-bar menu that was causing menus in some applications to display improperly.

- Ittec now supports moving files or folders, copying files or folders, and creating aliases to files or folders within a single menu invocation via three new action keys configurable in the "Actions" tab of the Ittec preferences pane. Here’s an example of how to use it :

Assumptions :

1) You’ve set your "Move to selection" action key to the letter ’M’.

2) You’ve set your "Clone to selection" action key to the letter ’C’.

3) You’ve set your "Alias to selection" action key to the letter ’A’.

4) You’ve set your "Add item to selection" action key to the letter ’+’.

Note that the above four key settings are arbitrary... choose whatever suits you best.

Let’s say you have two files on the Desktop called "a.txt" and "b.txt", and you’ve decided to copy them to a folder called "Destination Folder" that is somewhere on your hard drive. To copy the files using Ittec :

1) Control-click on your Desktop, bringing up the Ittec menu.

2) Locate the "a.txt" menu item, place the cursor over it, and press the ’+’ (Add item to selection) key.

3) Verify that a check mark has appeared next to the menu item "a.txt".

4) Repeat steps 2-3 for the file "b.txt".

5) Using your mouse, navigate through the Ittec menus until you find the folder where you want to copy the two selected items (for this example, it’s titled "Destination Folder").

6) Place the cursor over either the "Destination Folder" menu item or any file (not folder) inside the "Destination Folder" (it doesn’t matter which), and press the ’C’ (Clone to selection) key.

7) The Ittec menu will immediately disappear and the items will be copied to "Destination Folder".

If you want to move the items instead of copy them, you should press the ’M’ (Move to selection) key, or the ’A’ (Alias to selection) key if you want to create aliases to the selected files

The inline-preview feature now supports previewing fonts. To use it, just position the cursor over a font and hold down (or just press) the option key as you normally would.

Brian & Eric
May 17, 2004


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