Ittec 2.1 est dispo !

lundi 8 décembre 2003 par Jade

Le Finderpop de MacOsX passe en version 2.1 :-)

A télécharger sur le site-de-l’auteur !

Ce site, qui pouvait être consulté en français, n’a pas été mis à jour depuis la version 1.7.3 qui date de février :-(

What’s New :

- Primarily lots of bug fixes to the 2.0 build. To all of our ongoing testers and those of you who just write in to let us know of an incompatibility : Thank you !

- Ittec now supports inline content previews. This feature is awesome and we think everyone will love it. You can preview any type of content that QuickTime supports from within the Ittec menu (examples are .mp3 audio files, .jpg image files, .mpg movie files, etc.). In order to make this work, simply hold-down the option key while the mouse pointer is over an item in the menu that you would like to preview ; a window will pop up next to the window to display the content. Please note that the maximum display size is a 256x256 pixel window so image content which is larger than this will be scaled to fit.


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