Gimp-Print 4.2.6-pre1

vendredi 2 mai 2003 par Jade

Quoi de neuf dans cette version Gimp-Print-4.2.6-pre1 qui permet de gérer la plupart des imprimantes du marché sous OS X :

- The Mac OS X user’s guide, How to Print with Gimp-Print has been substantially updated.
- The Mac OS X installer package now includes an "uninstaller" which will completley (and safely) remove the Gimp-Print software.
- Preliminary support for Epson Stylus C50, Stylus Photo 900, CL-740, PM-870C, PM-930C, PM-970C, and PM-3700C. The PM-930C and PM-970C are limited to 2880x1440 DPI in this release ; this restriction will not be lifted in 4.2.x line.
- Better conformance to the PPD spec on the part of the CUPS PPD files.
- Per-page variables in the CUPS driver are now set at the beginning of each page. This makes it possible to change the page size (for example) in the middle of a document.
- The PostScript LanguageLevel attribute in the CUPS PPD files now defaults to 3, as all current Ghostscript releases are fully compatible with Level 3 PostScript.
- Minor speed improvement for the HP LaserJet IIP.
- The Foomatic data now uses the clear-text printer ID’s from Foomatic 3.0, in addition to legacy support for the older numeric ideas.
- Minor adjustment to the HP DeskJet 340 margins.


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