Divx 5.11 disponible

jeudi 5 février 2004 par michelp

Pas mal de nouveautés à découvrir dans cette nouvelle version, des corrections de bug aussi du coté de l’installeur de l’encodeur mais aussi du décodeur ...
Disponible comme d’habitude aussi bien pour MacOsX que pour MacOs9.

C’est à télécharger chez divx.com

Le version history en VO

Changed :

- Cosmetic GUI changes have been made to avoid confusion when using MV reuse and specific performance modes.
- Deinterlacing is back in as a feature set of the codec.
- Added bottom field first encoding.
- Pass-through mode has been removed due to video/audio sync issues.

Fixed :

Encoder fixes :
- DivX 5.1.1 encoder is up to 112% faster (standard mode) than 5.1 (up to 30% faster than 5.05).
- Standard mode is 105% faster than 5.1.
- The quality produced by "Fastest" has been significantly improved.
-  Blinking bottom line in "fastest" mode.
- Various cosmetic CLI fixes.
- New CLI option "-tff" for "top field first".
- Green output when exporting from a resized movie in Mac OS X 10.3.
- Inappropriate font in feedback window in Mac OS X 10.3.
- Fixed AVI incompatibility with hardware devices.

Decoder fixes :
- Resolved a severe performance hit when using the deringing mode in postprocessing.
- Avoids buffer overruns with extremely small picture sizes (less than 80x32).
- Issue within B frames and deblocking.

Installer fixes :
- Product activation process redesigned to be more intuitive and problem-free.
- Removing existing codecs.
- Crashing on Mac OS 9.x (limited cases) during the running life of the installer.


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