DivX5 pour Mac aussi ;-))

lundi 4 mars 2002 par michelp

Divx5 pour mac est sorti !

Il est dispo ici

Il corrige le bug des avi avec piste MP3 qui nous empeche de lire la plupart des DivX PC

DivX(tm) Codec 5.0

Version : 5.0 Alpha
README file updated on : 2002-03-04

(c) Copyright DivXNetworks, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
DivX is a trademark of DivXNetworks, Inc.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Installation instructions

3. System requirements

4. What’s new in this version

5. About files with MP3 audio

6. Frequently asked questions

7. Known issues


This is an alpha version of the DivX 5.0 decoder for Mac OS. It is able to decode all DivX video streams, up to and including the newest features of DivX Pro 5.0. It also can playback AVI files that include MP3 audio using the DivX Validator program. We’re working to improve this fix, so expect a more seamless solution in the future.

Installation instructions

To install the DivX codec, you should follow the following simple steps :

**OS 8.6 and OS 9.x :**

Place the file "DivX Codec" and "AVI.MovieImport" from the "OS 9" folder into your Extensions folder and reboot.

**OS X :**

Place the file "DivX.component" and "AVI.MovieImport.component" from the "OS X" folder into the Library/QuickTime folder, or if this fails use the Library/QuickTime folder in your Home folder.

System Requirements

**Desktop Macintosh :**
- 400Mhz G3 or faster
- video acceleration card with Quicktime support (ATI, NVIDIA), QuickTime 5
or later
- MacOS 8.6 or later (includes OS X)

**Portable Macintosh :**
- 500Mhz G3 or faster
- onboard video acceleration with Quicktime support (ATI, NVIDIA)
- QuickTime 5 or later
- MacOS 8.6 or later (includes OS X)

What’s new in this version

Features of DivX 5.0 Alpha
- Compatibility with all versions of DivX video content. DivX 5.0 can play every version of DivX video ever created, from prior to 3.11 alpha to the brand new DivX Pro 5.0.
- Full decoding support for I-VOP, P-VOP, B-VOP
- MPEG-4 compatibility. DivX 5.0 can decode MPEG-4 Simple Profile, MPEG-4 Advanced Simple Profile, and H.263 video (all levels).
- Scalable. Work on a wide range of video bitrates, from 28 Kbps to 9 Mbps, depending upon your encoding needs.

The latest version history can always be read at : http://www.divx.com/divx/divx_mac_versions.php.

About Files with MP3 Audio

AVI files with MP3 audio do not play back properly due to a bug in QuickTime 5. We have spoken to Apple about this bug, but to date it has not been fixed. We are working on a workaround, and this alpha release includes the first public release of it.

The "DivX Validator" program changes the file type of your AVI file from "VfW" to "DivX". This causes QuickTime Player to use our AVI-handler instead of its own default AVI-handler to playback DivX video files. Our AVI-handler is able to playback MP3 audio in many (but not all) DivX video files. It is alpha software and it has some bugs. Please post to the DivX Forums or send us feedback at and tell us how well it works for you.

A side effect of changing the file type using the DivX Validator program is that QuickTime Player will not automatically open the file when you double-click on it. We will fix this in a future release, but for right now, just start up QuickTime Player, choose "Open..." from the File menu, then select the DivX video file you want to watch and it will play just fine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : How do I access the post processing options ?

A : While opening a DivX movie hold down the Option key until the post processing options dialog box appears.

Q : What should I set the post processing level to ?

A : For inexperienced and/or G3 users we suggest you use the Auto Management option. If you have a slower CPU, set it to the lowest levels.
Post-processing requires a lot of CPU power.

Q : I get a white screen when I try to play some DivX movies, what’s wrong ?

A : The movie you are playing is not a DivX movie because it isn’t using the DivX video codec. Chances are it is using Microsoft MPEG4, which isn’t supported in QuickTime.

Q : I don’t hear sound/sound is distorted with .avi movie playback, what’s wrong ?

A : The AVI movie you are playing has variable bitrate (VBR) MP3 audio within it, which is against the AVI standard. QuickTime does not support VBR audio inside an AVI. The problem may also be that the AVI file includes MP3 audio period. Use the DivX Validator program on the file and open it again in the QuickTime Player and see if that helps.

Known Issues

- No encoder for this release
- Sound sync problems can occur with .avi files with MP3 audio. The DivX Validator should provide a partial solution, but we’re continuing to improve upon it.

Please send submit all bugs to http://www.divx.com/feedback.

Please email problems/suggestions to adrianb@projectmayo.com.

For information about commercial licensing please email .


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