Desinstalleur MacOsX

mardi 19 mars 2002 par michelp

Un désinstalleur de packages est disponible, son nom de baptème Desinstaller

Original, non ?

Il est disponible ici

Le read me avec le disclaimer d’usage (this is a dangerous program), est en VO meme si le logiciel est français...

DesInstaller 1.0.1

The DesInstaller is a simple tool that reads the receipts generated when you install a pkg file with Apple’s Installer. Every file installed by this package is removed, even if it has been modified, and archived if you ask the DesInstaller to. If you decide to use a reinstaller, you will get a tgz archive, for portability, and a shell script with a "term" extension, to be double clickable. Please be aware that even if the reinstalller does not actually care about its position when invoked, the two parts (the tgz archive and the term shell script) are both needed in the same folder.

Please note that the DesInstaller was started as a cocoa tutorial, so this means everything is very "classical", and that is not highly evolved. There are several improvements planned, though :

- A "preferences" section in which options like "use an Apple pkg file for reinstalling", or automatic archival of designed folders, will be found.
- A possibility for FTP auto archival is on my mind too.
- A faster execution, because multi-threading will not be very efficient here.
- Maybe a more generic application, like handling rpm, deb, and such things, too.

DesInstaller may not be OpenSource right now, but it is, and will remain, free. There are several reasons for that :
- Heck, I want MacOS X to be a real good OS, and releasing useful freeware is a very good way to improve the possibilities of that OS.
- I am still young, and strongly believe in freeware, and OpenSource. While companies have to pay for software that will get them more money, and for "insurance" the software is bugproof (do not laugh...), the end user should have a free alternative.
- On the OpenSource topic, the GPL is a mess, and, so far, only the KRL project of Paul Guyot () has an interest. That may be because I know him, and that he is a very persuasive person :D . It is not totally accepted yet, so I will release this software on OpenSource when I feel it is a good idea. But hey, I am open minded, and accept critics, help (thanks Mike !), and even co-developers.

On the other hand, I totally support the idea of charityware, and cardware. If you like this program, please feel free to send donations, greetings, thanks, or whatever nice thing you would be willing to send me. If you did not like it for some reason, you may send useful bug reports (though it was thoroughfully tested), maybe a bad word or two, but remember it is free software, and I did not force you to use it (see the little disclaimer).

A little disclaimer, because this is a dangerous program :
I wrote this software, and included as many "undo" possibilities as possible, but should not be granted any responsibilities in loss/destruction/failure of all or part of any data that belongs to you or any other people. Use this software at your own risk. You have been warned.

Thanks :
- Patrick for the regular job :D
- Melanie for the support
- Mike for the graphics and the help compilation
- Nicolas for the mental debugging (though he may not know about it)
- Everyone who daily bares me
- Apple for the computers and the OS

New on March 19th :
- fixed a "refreshing" bug
- added a completion alert
- several performance improvements : the app will not hang for huge packages anymore
- german translation by
- gzipped DMG release


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