Dent du Midi (màj 0.9 du 30 mars)

jeudi 25 mars 2004 par Jade

Dent du Midi est un petit utilitaire qui vous permet de convertir des fichiers midi vers des fichiers compatibles et éditables par GarageBand :-)

La version 0.9 est dispo depuis le 30 mars et corrige certains bugs :

Fixed an issue with certain MIDI files where the tracks would not line up properly in GarageBand due to dummy note-on events in the original MIDI file.

Sympa, non ?

Dent du Midi is an application that takes standard MIDI files and generates separate files for each track which contains the MIDI note data. These files are suitable for dropping into Apple’s GarageBand application for use as loops or entire tracks. In simple terms, this application allows you to convert MIDI files into GarageBand files.

The name is a bit of a play on words. Dent du Midi is a 10,686 foot (3257 meter) mountain in the southwest of Switzerland in the west Alps. The name is French and is pronounced something like "don doo midi" which I thought sounded like "don’t do MIDI" which is why it seemed to be an appropriate name since GarageBand doesn’t import MIDI files.


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