DVD Imager

mardi 6 mai 2003 par Thiery

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DVD Imager can be used to make a burnable DVD video image file from a DVD video disk that you have made using iDVD or other means.

Mac OS X 10.2 is required.

Just copy the application to your hard drive, drop any VIDEO_TS folder onto its icon, and choose the location where you want the image saved.

Destination should be on a local volume. If you have a DVD burner, you should then be able to create a new DVD disk using the Burn command in Disk Copy.

DVD Imager doesn’t have the ability to decrypt video content but there are other programs for that.

DVD Imager is an Applescript Studio GUI wrapper for Jörg Schilling’s mkisofs binary executable.

This version doesn’t employ a detailed progress indicator, but you can select the image file being created in the Finder, choose Get Info, then compare to the size of your original VIDEO_TS folder.

DVD Imager est freeware


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