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dimanche 20 avril 2003 par michelp

De longues semaines entre la version 0.06g et la version 0.06h pour ffmpegX.

Puis là, moins de 24 heures après, une màj en version 0.06i.

Au menu, on s’attendait à trouver surtout une correction urgente de bugs un peu trop criants, (elle y est peut être ...) mais on trouve aussi l’annonce de nouvelles fonctions :

- Added "File/Burn" pulldown menu for subtitles encoding (audio tab). When "Burn" is selected, subtitles are printed in the encoded video like in previous releases, however when "File" is selected, subtitles are extracted in VobSub format and saved to the output movie directory in two files (.idx and .sub). The above applies while encoding to mencoder mpeg-4 or XviD codecs, either from a VOB containing subtitles, or direct from DVD.
- VobSub subtitles extracted as said above can now be printed in the image while encoding in mpeg-2 format with the "mplayer decode" options. Simply open the VobSub .idx file (or any other of the previously supported subtitles formats) in the "Load subs..." field prior to launching encoding. If you encode from direct-dvd there should not be any color palette problems. If you encode from a VOB file, the subs could appear black. To correct this, locate the VTS_01_0.IFO file with the "Sub palette" button.
- The "View" tool can now play video with subtitles, including VobSub subtitles. Simply select the video file in the "Video.." field, and the subtitle file in the "Audio.." field (open the .idx file for VobSub subtitles), then select "View", then "Go !". If the color palette is wrong then also locate a VTS_01_0.IFO file with the "Sub palette" button in the Audio tab

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